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Jute - plucked lurex * From 50 cm

One unit = 50 cm | Two units = 1 m | Three units = 1.5 m etc.

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INFO: If you order several units, the fabric will of course come in one piece.

Shiny jute fabric sold by the meter

Also called burlap or plucking

is the ideal material for Christmas decorations.
This material can be used to make excellent bags for the Advent calendar or other decorative items.

Jute is a natural fiber that is completely biodegradable. The fabric feels rough but has a smooth natural colored surface.

The product is loosely woven in a grid pattern.
Jute is mainly used for potato sacks or similar, which is why this item is also colloquially called “burlap”.
Today this material is also often used for decorative purposes.

The shiny gold threads make the jute particularly suitable for table corners and decorations at Christmas and New Year's Eve.

Areas of application

Decoration & Home Textiles

Potato sacks, table runners, for Christmas decorations

100% jute
Weight: 280 g/m²
Width: 147cm

transparent, coarse-meshed, stable, shiny gold

rough, rough, stiff

Care instructions
Washing: Not washable
Drying: Not suitable
Ironing: Not suitable
Chlorine bleach: Not possible
Dry cleaning: Not suitable

One unit = 50cm times the full width of the fabric
If you order several units, the fabric will of course come in one piece.

Due to different screen settings, there may be color variations

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