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Teddy lambskin * From 25 cm

One unit = 0.25 m | Two units = 0.5 m | Three units = 0.75 m | Four units = 1 m etc.

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INFO: If you order several units, the fabric will of course come in one piece.

Teddy lambskin sold by the meter

Teddy lambskin sold by the meter made of 97% cotton: Natural, cuddly and versatile

The 97% cotton in this teddy lambskin gives it a natural, soft and breathable quality. Cotton is known for its skin-friendliness and low allergen content, making this lambskin also suitable for sensitive skin types. It provides a comfortable and cozy feeling, ideal for snuggling up on cold days.

The remaining 3% polyester gives the lambskin additional durability and ease of care. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that is resistant to moisture and wear, meaning the lambskin stays beautiful longer and is easier to clean. This is particularly practical when it comes to use in children's rooms or outdoors.

Teddy lambskin is extremely versatile. You can use it as a warm blanket on the sofa, as a rug in the living room or bedroom, as protection and padding in the stroller or car seat, for clothing such as jackets, or even as a decorative element in the room. The soft texture and attractive appearance makes it a decorative and functional accessory.

Areas of application

Clothing & Accessories | Decoration & Home Textiles
Pillows, blankets, rugs, cozy sweaters, baby clothes and blankets.

97% cotton, 3% polyester
Weight: 315g/m2
Width: approx. 150 cm

soft, curly surface, natural, gives warmth, does not crease

soft and fluffy feel

Care instructions
Washing: 30°C
Drying: Not suitable
Ironing: Not necessary
Chlorine bleach: Not possible
Dry cleaning: possible


  • One unit = 25 cm times the full width of the fabric
  • If you order several units, the fabric will of course come in one piece.
  • Due to different screen settings, color variations may occur

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Anuschka Huber

Teddy Lammfell * Ab 25 cm