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Jute fabric is also often referred to as burlap or burlap .

The natural fabric is the ideal choice for Christmas decorations .
This material can be used to make excellent bags for the Advent calendar or Santa boots .

Jute is a natural fiber that is completely biodegradable. The fabric is loosely woven in a grid pattern, feels rough but has a smooth, natural-colored surface.

At that time, jute was mainly used for potato sacks or similar items, which is why this item is also colloquially called “burlap”.

Today this material is also often used for all kinds of decorations. It is particularly popular as a tablecloth material at events, for decorating wind glasses or for sewing bags and pouches.

Areas of application
Decoration & Home Textiles
For example, tablecloths, bags and pouches or for making wind glasses, invitation cards or for tying bouquets of flowers...

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