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Romanit jersey

Romanit jersey is a very popular clothing material ! Why? It has the popular slimming effect . It is stretchy and can be sewn like jersey, but it is firmer and thicker, so that some small pads on the body do not show through the sewn clothing.

Romanit jersey also has a high-quality and chic look , while the clothing is always soft and comfortable. Last but not least, it is also completely wrinkle-free .

Areas of application
Clothing & Accessories
For example, skirts, dresses, blazers, leggings, biker-look pants, tops...

051 cream
052 beige
054 grey-brown
154 brown
034 curry
015 red
018 burgundy
012 lilac
028 fir
124 sea green
024 petrol
008 navy
061 h.gray mel.
063 gray mel.
068 anthracite mel.
069 black