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A piqué fabric is characterized by alternating raised and lowered areas. Depending on the type of weave, different structures, patterns and properties result.

However, all piqués have one thing in common: they are breathable and particularly absorbent due to the larger surface area.

The coarser versions such as the famous waffle piqué are suitable for bath textiles and home textiles . The finer fabrics, on the other hand, are ideal for clothing such as the well-known polo shirt .

Areas of application
Clothing & Accessories | Decoration & Home Textiles
For example, bathrobes, bath towels, changing mats, sweaters, shirts, baby clothing, decorative pillows...

002 light blue
011 soft pink
012 nude
015 eggshell
050 white
061 h.gray
078 pastel green
021 mint

001 Clothing cream
002 Bunny cream
003 Sheep cream
004 Goose cream
005 cars mint