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Canvas acrylic coated * From 50 cm

Color: 008 dark blue
008 dark blue
015 red
017 pink
025 green
050 white
052 vanilla
061 light gray
069 black

One unit = 50 cm | Two units = 1 m | Three units = 1.5 m etc.

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INFO: If you order several units, the fabric will of course come in one piece.

Canvas coated sold by the meter

Water repellent | Windproof | UV-resistant

Coating canvas fabric with acrylic gives it improved durability and resistance to the elements. This coating forms a protective layer on the surface of the fabric, making it water-repellent. This makes acrylic coated canvas ideal for outdoor use as it can withstand rain and moisture without soaking or damaging the fabric. This makes it an ideal choice for tents, awnings, outdoor seat cushions and other outdoor equipment.

In addition, the acrylic coating also makes the canvas material resistant to mold and UV rays. This prevents the fabric from fading over time or being affected by harmful microorganisms. UV resistance ensures colors stay fresh and vibrant for longer, even when the fabric is exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

The texture and appearance of the canvas fabric is retained despite the acrylic coating. It retains its characteristic natural look, making it particularly appealing for various decorative applications. Acrylic coated canvas is widely used indoors for curtains, pillowcases, tablecloths and other decorative purposes.

Another advantage of acrylic-coated canvas is that it is easy to care for. Because it is water-repellent, dirt can often be easily wiped or rinsed off. This makes cleaning and maintaining the material much easier.

Areas of application

Decoration & Home Textiles
Tablecloths, cushions for seating, cushions, backpacks, bags

100% cotton (acrylic coated)
Weight: approx. 320 g/m²
Width: approx. 150 cm

robust, antistatic, coarse, tear-resistant, water-repellent, UV-resistant, windproof,

dimensionally stable, coarse handle

Care instructions
Washing: Hand wash
Drying: Not possible
Ironing: Not possible
Chlorine bleach: Not possible
Dry cleaning: possible

One unit = 50cm times the full width of the fabric
If you order several units, the fabric will of course come in one piece.

Due to different screen settings, color variations may occur

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