Leinen Lodge SKU: 70-865-000 Barcode: 4251434724130

Decorative fabric easy to care for *From 50 cm

Color: 000 white
000 white
004 turquoise
015 eggshell
027 pink
030 yellow
034 corn
037 salmon
045 purple
049 dark brown
050 red
051 nature
052 dark red
053 cherry
063 light blue
065 blue
070 green
072 may green
075 fir
076 apple green
077 moss
080 black
084 mouse gray
090 navy
104 aqua

One unit = 50 cm | Two units = 1 m | Three units = 1.5 m etc.

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€4,70 per m

INFO: If you order several units, the fabric will of course come in one piece.

Polyester fabric, sold by the meter, plain (powerstretch)

Beautiful surface structure and wrinkle-resistant.

This material is characterized by its high level of comfort and is also very durable. It is also breathable, colorfast and easy to care for.

The polyester fabric is also often sewn into home decoration items.

Areas of application

Clothing & Accessories | Decoration & Home Textiles
Costumes, skirts, trousers, cushions, tablecloths, curtains, chair covers

100% polyester
Weight: 146g/m2
Width: approx. 150 cm

crease-resistant, opaque, easy-care, durable, breathable

rough surface, soft flowing feel

Care instructions
Washing: 40°C
Drying: Not suitable
Ironing: Do not iron
Chlorine bleach: Not possible
Dry cleaning: possible


  • One unit = 50 cm times the full width of the fabric
  • If you order several units, the fabric will of course come in one piece.
  • Due to different screen settings, color variations may occur

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