DIY – Einfache Origami Tasche nähen für Anfänger

DIY – Sewing an easy origami bag for beginners

Hannah Dahle

Hello :-)
I'm Hannah, graphic designer, relaxation trainer and part of a family-run fabric business - The Linen Lodge. So nice that you are here and sewing with me.

As the title suggests, today I'll show you how you can sew a simple handbag yourself using the origami technique. You can use it as a shopping bag, a simple bag for all sorts of things or a chic handbag with plenty of space.

We sew the bag without any pattern. I'll show you step by step how you can proceed. Sewing for beginners is the motto here.

Material requirements

To sew the bag you only need half a meter of one or two non-stretch fabrics.
– Two fabrics if you want to sew in an inner lining.
– A fabric if you want to sew a thin shopping bag without a lining.

I used the following fabrics from our Linen Lodge.
▸Corduroy fabric:
▸Cotton fabrics:

Other suitable substances include:
Stable twill
Decorative fabrics made from mixed fabrics
Children's cotton fabrics

Bag handles in 3 variants

I will also show you three different variants for the bag handle that you can choose between. We sew the bag together step by step and very easily without a pattern 

Fabrics & Equipment

▸Corduroy fabric:
▸Cotton fabrics:
▸Cutting mat:

▸Camera: *
▸Light: *
* * These links refer to affiliate links. I receive a small commission for every sale made through an affiliate link. There are no additional costs for you, but you support my work 

Make yourself comfortable

In addition to the sewing itself, my main focus is on us spending a good time together. I want to encourage you to make yourself really comfortable and tackle the project in Muse. Maybe you want to make some tea, prepare a snack, light candles… Whatever it is that makes you feel safe and calm, incorporate it into your sewing routine.


If you have any questions, please write them in the comments or contact me on Instagram.

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Kind regards Hannah & the Leinen Lodge

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