DIY - Tellerrock nähen ohne Schnittmuster

DIY - sew a circle skirt without a pattern

Hannah Dahle

Hello :-)
I'm Hannah and I'm glad you're here!

In this video tutorial I'll show you how you can easily sew a pretty circle skirt without a pattern. The project is relatively simple and is therefore suitable for sewing beginners.

I'll show you in the instructions

❤️ How to calculate your fabric needs
❤️ What body measurements you need
❤️ Which fabric is suitable for this
❤️ How to proceed step by step

This is what you need

❤️ A stretchy fabric, such as jersey
❤️ A tape measure
❤️ Pins
❤️ A pair of fabric scissors
❤️ Possibly an elastic band for the belly cuff
❤️ A sewing machine
❤️ Possibly an overlock, but you can also neaten the fabric with a sewing machine.

Make yourself comfortable

In addition to the sewing itself, my main focus is on us spending a good time together. I want to encourage you to make yourself really comfortable and tackle the project in Muse. Maybe you want to make some tea, prepare a snack, light candles... Whatever it is that makes you feel safe and calm, incorporate it into your sewing routine.

For questions and suggestions

If you would like to ask something or give me a tip, feel free to comment in the comments or visit me on Instagram.

Best regards
your Hannah and the Leinen Lodge

Circle skirt sewing examples

Circle skirt sewing example

Circle skirt sewing example

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