Kostenlose Plotterdatei „Handmade“

Free “Handmade” plotter file

Hannah Dahle

You can find my personal declaration of love for handmade things in the new issue of the digital sewing magazine RosiMade. There you can also download my free plotter file “Handmade”.


RosiMade is a digital and, above all, free sewing magazine that you can browse, read and admire online at any time. It provides you with plenty of tips and inspiration for sewing, making things yourself and thinking further.
In the new, third issue of RosiMade you will find an article from me about the great advantages of handcrafting. I call it “a love letter to the handmade”.

This article will interest you if you

> like to test the plot and think my “handmade plot” is cool.
> you like to create handmade things yourself.
> you wonder why there are still people today who make things themselves when you can buy them on every corner at very low prices.

In addition to my article, you can also find it in the new RosiMade

> Many new patterns from the talented editor Janina.
> More exciting articles and inspiration on the topic of handmade and sewing.
> My freebie plotter file “Handmade” for free download.

I think we can make it a point to make it a point to create our own clothing etc. with a lot of love, patience, creativity and skill!

If you sew something from the magazine, make something or even use my plotter file, we would of course be very happy about a link on Instagram or Facebook. With this in mind, have fun browsing through and making your own!


Here it goes…

> To the freebie plotter file “Handmade” https://www.rosi-made.com/magazin/freebie-plotter files-handmade/?_ga=2.228961948.1646648947.1567703321-1905104914.1559726787
> To the RosiMade magazine https://www.rosi-made.com/magazin/

Social media

> Instagram RosiMade https://www.instagram.com/rosi_made/
> Instagram me https://www.instagram.com/dahlennah/
> YouTube i https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJPDYKXTf3DgMP1HZXO1bLQ

For questions and suggestions

If you would like to ask something or give me a tip, feel free to comment in the comments or visit me on Instagram.

Best regards
your Hannah & the Leinen Lodge

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