DIY - Wendebeanie nähen ohne Schnittmuster

DIY - sew a reversible beanie without a pattern

Hannah Dahle

Instructions for a reversible beanie without a pattern.

I'm Hannah and in these sewing instructions I'll show you how you can easily sew a reversible beanie for newborns, children and, theoretically, for yourself.

You don't need a pattern for this project because I'll show you how you can either simply sew the hat without cutting or how you can make one yourself out of paper.

In my instructions, I attach great importance to explaining every step in such a way that you can understand everything, even as a sewing beginner. I will give you useful sewing tips and fabric recommendations.

Fabric recommendation

You can find all suitable fabrics in this shop

👶🏻 Certified fabrics perfect for babies:

🦁 My safari fabric:

🌲 My corduroy jersey:

🦋 My cuff:


📐 Helpful table with general body measurements:

Make yourself comfortable

In addition to the sewing itself, my main focus is on us spending a good time together. I want to encourage you to make yourself really comfortable and tackle the project in Muse. Maybe you want to make some tea, prepare a snack, light candles... Whatever it is that makes you feel safe and calm, incorporate it into your sewing routine.

Video accessories

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Kind regards Hannah & the Leinen Lodge

Sew Dahlennah reversible beanie

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